Friday, June 6, 2008

Dne eht si sihT


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Puzzle # 11 - Unsolved But Revealed

The Cryptickler: = 780
The Clue: 2nd of 000


The Clue = 000 = 3 Ducks = Triplet Ducks = Huey, Duey, Louie. 2nd of 000 = Duey = Dewey = Library classification system is called the Dewey System. 780 in the Dewey System covers Music.

Therefore the Cryptickler that read '= 780' will translate into 'equal music' ~ the vikram seth novel. Easy peasy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cryptickler Crash Course

OK. This is for the befuddled and the flummoxed. Cryptickler is not as arcane as it seems. It can be a joyous mind sport if you apply your mind.

Take Puzzle # 5. The clue says Gasp with Note Yogi. What does a yogi do? Doesn't he twist things around? Now doesn't that sound like an anagram clue? What do you get when you anagrammize Note? The only sensible word that results is Tone. What is gasping? Isn't it panting? So isn't Gasp = Pant? What do you get when you put Gasp with Note Yogi? Don't you get Pant-Tone? Doesn't that ring a bell? The colour company that has codified almost all shades? So clearly the encryption that I've used for the Cryptickler has got something to do with Pantone colour codes. What do you get when you google for pantone 19-3323? Isn't that the name of a colourful rock band we all know?

Isn't it all too easy?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Is that all you've got?

Only 30% of the puzzles have been solved. Give me some motivation to keep this going. Show me your grey cells, guys.

Puzzle # 10 - Solved

The Clue: Sister = Saint.

Current cracks the code. Chews two cookies. The decoded cryptickler also happens to be VP Singh's claim to infamy.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Puzzle # 9 - Unsolved But Revealed.

The Cryptickler: Registered Hurt Disturbed Spirit.
The Clue: +Katana


The Clue: +Katana = Katana is a type of sword & + is cross. So the clue is clearly 'crossword'.

The Cryptickler = Registered is R. Disturbed is an anagram indicator. So Disturbed Hurt will be Thur. Spirit is Wine. Therefore the Cryptickler can be decoded as Rthur Wine = Arthur Wynne = The inventor of crossword. Jujube!

Puzzle # 8 - Solved

The Cryptickler: 12313513624234 12123512412312315
The Clue: ......counter

Ganz collects 2 precious cookies. The decoded cryptickler also happens to be the name of the most famous blind man.

For those who find Cryptickler too hot to handle

There's an easier game. It's called Fillogical. Go play.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puzzle # 7 - Unsolved But Revealed

The Cryptickler: 8.1497409319.
The Clue: Record (Top Class).


Record is Log. Top Class is A1. So the cryptickler has been encoded using logarithms. And the encoded number follows the alphanumeric code as in A1B2C3...Z26. Now work backwards. In mathematics, the way to obtain the x in log(x) is to use antilogarithms. So find out the antilogarithm of 8.1497409319. It will be 141169518. Encrypt this using alphanumeric code now. 141169518 = NAPIER. If you know your maths, you'll remember that John Napier was the inventor of logarithms.

A little difficult that. Thought you'll figure it out. Tough luck.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puzzle # 6 - Solved

The Cryptickler: 57238531468.
The Clue: tabletabletabletabletable

Pbzep gets 2 cookies. The decoded cryptickler also happens to be the father of modern chemistry.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Puzzle # 5 - Unsolved but Revealed

The Cryptickler: 19-3323.
The Clue: Gasp with Note Yogi.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Puzzle # 4 - Unsolved But Revealed

The Cryptickler: P32RR2 15G5ST2 R2N43R
The Clue: No Delight Healthy


Shame, no one attempted this one. Delight is Wow. Healthy is well. So Delight Healthy is WowWell = Vowel. No is short form for Number. So the code is about numbering vowels. Therefore A will be 1. E will be 2. I will be 3. O will be 4. And U will be 5. Using this code, the Cryptickler can be decoded as PIERRE AUGUSTE RENOIR = the impressionist painter.

Puzzle # 3 - Solved

The Cryptickler: 68696980 84727985717284
The Clue: Request Unlocker

Catcharun gets 2 cookies. The decoded message also happens to be the first chess computer.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Puzzle # 2 - Solved

The Cryptickler: 123001
The Clue: Al Qaeda Front

Ganz has taken a small step for humanity by sorting the cryptickler logjam. Gets 2 cookies for his efforts. The decoded cryptickler also happens to be the Ramanujam Number.

Puzzle # 1 - Solved

The Cryptickler: J-V-CH 11920151891
The Code: Twenty-Twenty

Sudarshan gets 2 cookies. The crytickler is: the first message that was xeroxed.

Sample Puzzle

The Clue: Asea Brown Boveri.
For the sample solution, click on the comments link.