Saturday, May 24, 2008

Puzzle # 2 - Solved

The Cryptickler: 123001
The Clue: Al Qaeda Front

Ganz has taken a small step for humanity by sorting the cryptickler logjam. Gets 2 cookies for his efforts. The decoded cryptickler also happens to be the Ramanujam Number.


Oh Floosie, can I have a cuppa ? said...

30.12.2001 the date on which a report surfaced on the BBC

Al Queda's new front had moved to PAKISTAN aided by the ISI


Oh Floosie, can I have a cuppa ? said...

really think u should give this to me.. just cause i dont know #!@#!@#

bobfactory said...

Since Al Qaeda means Base - anything to do with converting the string to some base? Tho watz Front i dunno !

Cant bear to see these unsolved so trying humble best !

bobfactory said...

I presume as Floosie said this is a date 30.12.01

And is Al Qaeda Front = AQ which is Internet TLD for Antarctica.

So sth happ in/about Antartica on this day?

Ganz said...

Al Qaeda is "The Base"
Front is "Fore"
Roughly translates to Base-4.
123001 in Base-4 system will be 1729 in Base-10.
1729 is the Ramanujam's number

Oh Floosie, can I have a cuppa ? said...

yay yay yay.. it has been solved.. well done Ganz... i bounced it off the tickler but i couldnt post it cause i chewed on his brains.. :))

and brilliant on the braille also

Ganz said...

Thanks floosie...

Also, thanks Bob for giving some direction ;-)

anantha said...

good ganz. finally, there's hope. all is not lost. for cryptickler.