Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puzzle # 7 - Unsolved But Revealed

The Cryptickler: 8.1497409319.
The Clue: Record (Top Class).


Record is Log. Top Class is A1. So the cryptickler has been encoded using logarithms. And the encoded number follows the alphanumeric code as in A1B2C3...Z26. Now work backwards. In mathematics, the way to obtain the x in log(x) is to use antilogarithms. So find out the antilogarithm of 8.1497409319. It will be 141169518. Encrypt this using alphanumeric code now. 141169518 = NAPIER. If you know your maths, you'll remember that John Napier was the inventor of logarithms.

A little difficult that. Thought you'll figure it out. Tough luck.


pbzeppelin said...

log (c) = log 3 ?

current said...

clue : natural log
decoded : e (2.7182818)

anantha said...

good guess zep. but it doesn't add up, right? current -> how is e linked to top class?

bobfactory said...

is top class = 12? or as current says E = excellent which can be top class ?

At least let us know if log is the right track?

anantha said...

ok. i shall stoop to conquer. log is the right track. pb zep was right.

Priya said...

Top Class might be prime, but I am lost after that.