Friday, May 30, 2008

Puzzle # 9 - Unsolved But Revealed.

The Cryptickler: Registered Hurt Disturbed Spirit.
The Clue: +Katana


The Clue: +Katana = Katana is a type of sword & + is cross. So the clue is clearly 'crossword'.

The Cryptickler = Registered is R. Disturbed is an anagram indicator. So Disturbed Hurt will be Thur. Spirit is Wine. Therefore the Cryptickler can be decoded as Rthur Wine = Arthur Wynne = The inventor of crossword. Jujube!


bobfactory said...

anything to do with pen being greater than sword !

anantha said...

is that a guess or a fervent prayer for a clue?

bobfactory said...

a bit of both perhaps :-)

itz a shame to see so many unsolved...y not declare the answers post 24 hours or sth like that!

anantha said...

there's a charm to never declaring answers. the more unsolved puzzles you see, the more humiliated you feel. the more humiliated you feel, the more tickle (excitement) you experience when you solve one. that's what cryptickler is about.

pbzeppelin said...

R hurt and disturbed a.g.i ? As in xwords ?

Oh Floosie, can I have a cuppa ? said...

Anything to do with the swiss knife ?????

Sudarshan said...

does it have anything to do with Crosswords?
+ = Cross
Katana =Sword

Something to do with a japanese crossword?

anantha said...

ok, most of you have decoded the clue. now decode the crytickler.

pbzeppelin said...

hmm.. anything to do with Fidel Castro ?