Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Puzzle # 5 - Unsolved but Revealed

The Cryptickler: 19-3323.
The Clue: Gasp with Note Yogi.


pbzeppelin said...

Know I am wrong...but..

Gasp = Cig Note = Ma --> Sigma
Yogi = Mars Rock --> Arms (anagram)
So clue says Add up the arms :-)

Thats 10-11 = JK - JK Rowling? JK Tyres?
Tho i wd like it to be JFK !

anantha said...


Oh Floosie, can I have a cuppa ? said...

doubt this is even remotely connected but does the yogi have to do with a bear :p

Sudarshan said...

the yogi is osho
gasp( oh )
note ( So )

the cryptic is still tickling me!