Saturday, May 24, 2008

Puzzle # 1 - Solved

The Cryptickler: J-V-CH 11920151891
The Code: Twenty-Twenty

Sudarshan gets 2 cookies. The crytickler is: the first message that was xeroxed.


Sudarshan said...

10-22-38 Astoria ?

anantha said...

you have to decode the message and the clue and tell us how you arrived at it. no part points, remember?

Sudarshan said...

code was Twenty-Twenty or T-20
T is the twentieth letter of the each number corresponds to the respective letter and vice versa

J-V-CH 11920151891 equates to
10(J)-22(V)-3(C)8(H) A(1)S(19)T(20)O(15)R(18)I(9)A(1)

Oct22nd, 1938 The date of the first ever photocopy in Astoria, N.Y (thanks to google, of course!)

anantha said...

Sudarshan gets 2 cookies. The decoded cryptickler is 10-22-38 Astoria = the first message to be xeroxed.