Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cryptickler Crash Course

OK. This is for the befuddled and the flummoxed. Cryptickler is not as arcane as it seems. It can be a joyous mind sport if you apply your mind.

Take Puzzle # 5. The clue says Gasp with Note Yogi. What does a yogi do? Doesn't he twist things around? Now doesn't that sound like an anagram clue? What do you get when you anagrammize Note? The only sensible word that results is Tone. What is gasping? Isn't it panting? So isn't Gasp = Pant? What do you get when you put Gasp with Note Yogi? Don't you get Pant-Tone? Doesn't that ring a bell? The colour company that has codified almost all shades? So clearly the encryption that I've used for the Cryptickler has got something to do with Pantone colour codes. What do you get when you google for pantone 19-3323? Isn't that the name of a colourful rock band we all know?

Isn't it all too easy?


bobfactory said...

Using Yogi as an a.g.i ! Totally wierd, unusual man !

anantha said...

crossword will never grow if it is stuck with the same old clues. everything needs to evolve with the evolution of the english language. any cruciverbalist worth his 1 down, will tell you that.

bobfactory said...

heart to soul man...heart to soul! Amen!